Featured Articles:

Undressing Hopscotch: Costume Designers Reveal Their Aesthetic Vision, Corrine DeWitt, Ampersand, 11/1/15

Regional Theater Review: THE STINKY CHEESE MAN AND OTHER FAIRLY STUPID TALES (South Coast Rep), Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema, 6/2/14

Interview with Costume Designer Ann Closs-Farley, Greenroom Diaries, 8/22/12

LA STAGE Talks: Why Are Theater-Makers the Masters of Collaboration?, Julio Martinez, LA Stage Times, 5/15/12

Fashion So Good, It Should Be Illegal, Thoughts On Theatre, 1/10/2012

Ann Closs-Farley: Always Bold, Never Beige, Deborah Behrens, LA Stage Times, 6/8/11

Sponsored Post: CTG Sherwood Award, LA Stage Alliance, LA Stage Times, 1/18/11

Meet Costume Designer Ann Closs-Farley, Emerging Artists – Green Room at CTG, CTGeducation, 12/10/10

On Pee-Wee and 99 Cent Costuming, Evan Henerson, Examiner, 1/5/10

Dressed to the 99s, Diane Haithman, Los Angeles Times, 11/29/05

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